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Dorien Wilson

Actor Dorien WilsonUnRings the Bell At 2011 National Black Theatre Festival

Celebrated actor Dorien Wilson has wowed television audiences for decades.  His comedic performances in TV classics like "Dream On,"  "Goode Behavior,"  "Sister Sister," and of course, "The Parkers" have garnered him a burgeoning fan base, awards and numerous accolades.  However, when the thespian takes the take stage at this year's 2011 National Black Theatre Festival in...more

The Game and David Cash

The Game Takes Flight with David Cash in "City of Angels" Video Release

It's not many newcomers that can step into the arena spitting with the likes of The Game on their debut single or have their mixtape laced with lyrics specifically provided by J. Cole and Pharrell.  But David Cash isn't your typical wanna' be artist. The Venice, Cali native on Nu West World Records, is breathing flames into the West Coast rap scene with a style that is infused with heat and fury.  His...more

Cheryl Pepsii Riley

Cheryl Pepsii Riley to Perform at the Legendary Blues Alley in Washington DC

Any onewho has ever watched a Tyler Perry play can testify to the fact that Cheryl Pepsii Riley is an unmatched powerhouse singer.  In fact, her '80's hit, "Thanks for My Child" still resonates as a classic old school anthem for many today. The re-release of her independent CD "Let Me Be Me" is firing up satellite radio and internet shows and just recently she made a guest appearance with Tyler Perry...more

BMX National

Rev. Al Sharpton, Marc Lamont Hill and Cleo Manago to Contribute to Historic Discussion atBlack Manhood & Sexual Diversity Forum in NYC


From comedian Tracy Morgan's controversial rant to CNN's Don Lemon's coming out',  to the historic legalization of same-sex marriage in New York last week - homosexuality is at the forefront of water cooler conversations these days.  It is a particularly hot topic within the Black community, given...more

TWright Book Cover

Black Mafia Widow,Thelma Wright Shares Her Story in New Book  "With Eyes From Both Sides -  Living My Life In and Out of the Game"

The words "queen pen" and "boss lady" can conjure up many images.  One might think of an icy, cold-blooded gangstress who is heartless about the business at hand. Yet, the sparkling, green eyes belonging to Thelma Wright paint a different picture.  Though rumored at one time to be the most powerful and dangerous Black woman in Philadelphia, discreetly running a bi-coastal drug empire that her husband left behind, Wright's green eyes reflect a pensive view.  Peering into them, we...more

Scattered Lies 3

Fiction Author Madison Taylor Returns with "Scattered Lies III " the Explosive Finale to HerFiction Trilogy Series

It's not often that a new author can hold a reader's attention through a series of separate releases, yet fiction writer Madison Taylor;the mastermind behind "Scattered Lies I" and "Scattered Lies II" has managed to do just that! With the creation of her literary trilogy from Influential Writers Publishing, she has cultivated a mounting fan base that is quickly developing into a cult following. Taylor will finally quench the curiosity of swelling inquiries when she releases "Scattered Lies III" on July 1, 2011, culminating the surging suspense...more

Levi Booker

Author Terrance Dean Prepares to Set the Industry On Fire With New Book ReleaseMOGUL: A Novel

On April 4th, music producer and popular New York DJ personality Mister Cee was arrested for sexual lewd acts with a man.  On April 17th, "straight" rapper Lil B sent the Hip Hop world into a frenzy when he announced plans to title his upcoming album, "I'm Gay."  Then on May 15th, CNN's beloved news anchor, Don Lemon 'came out' and went public revealing he's gay.  But on June 14th, when entertainment...more


Lorna Clarke

New Author Lorna Clarke Osunsanmi Proclaims "Becoming Bold" Offering Life, Love, Relationship Advice with Debut Book Release

Lorna Clarke Osunsanmi aka Lorna O. is not your average love coach.  She is a life changer with an uncanny knack for vividly identifying self-help strategies. Her witty yet practical style underscores a nurturing demeanor that is a gateway way to big advice.  Lorna knows first hand that you can't just dish about dating and relationships without laying a foundational base within to...more


Firing Conscious Awareness with Gangsta Beats Rondo  Impacts the Rap Game with New CD"The Antidote

When Ron Valentine aka Rondo speaks, there is an intensity behind his thoughts that dominates every word. As the product of San Francisco's stone cold streets, birthed from the union between a pimp and dope fiend, his very existence is a testimony to the power of what can be and not what should have been. We can't help but acknowledge the alchemy that changed his once desolate landscape into a vision nurtured with unlimited possibility.   Rondo has risen like a phoenix from the gutter and....more

Bernard Hoyes

Legendary Visual Artist Bernard Stanley Hoyes Opens Studio for Rummage Sale

L.A. culture icon, Bernard Stanley Hoyes is opening the doors of his private art studio and announcing an art rummage sale on Saturday, July 23 and Sunday, July 24, 2011 from 2:00 pm to 6:00 p.m.  Considering the fact that Oprah Winfrey, Natalie Cole, Steve Harvey, Keenan Ivory Wayans and the National Urban League are among his collectors, this is a sale not to be missed.  

Selections of Hoyes' work have been featured in several...more




Washington Preparatory High School Brings  Shakespeare To the Hood with Summer Theater Program

When Melanie Andrews, the director of arts for Washington Preparatory High School, talks about the performing skills of her students, her commitment and passion is evident.  With summer approaching and the waning state of the economy, she notes that many of her students will have nowhere to go.  As a native of Los Angeles' inner city herself, she knows first hand that the call of the streets will...more

Little Miss African American

Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant Turns 18 This Year Announces Nationwide Registration


The Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant has a history of dedication to continuing a legacy of nurturing young girls into proud and intelligent young women. The longest running pageant for little African American misses, the scholarship event turns 18 this year as it announces a nationwide registration drive. The original...more


R&B Sensation, J.T. "Ba'Bro" Johnson, Brings Memphis Flava Back With CD Release
"I'm Doing Me"

J.T. "Ba'Bro" Johnson is rekindling the Memphis flavored, classic R&B sound with his latest heart throbbing sophomoric release, "I'm Doing Me," released on his own J.T. Productions. Positioned to revive the old school while stirring the airwaves, Johnson delivers a bold, seductive, down home sound that calls...more

Photo Credit: Dr. Boogie