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The JazzmynePR agency brings a uniquely personal, yet substantive approach to the vast world of public relations. Specializing in publicity, media relations, management consulting, social media, media development, and crisis control, the firm has been recognized nationally for its successfully impactive media campaigns.

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With a background covering the entertainment, educational, corporate and non-profit arenas, Jazzmyne Public Relations tailors the approach to the client’s needs. Our customized efforts insure concrete results. Our vast experience in all areas of communications enables us to combine old-school PR strategies with new-school techniques to maximize visibility over all media platforms.

For over three decades, the principals at the JazzmynePR agency have represented a host of high-profile individuals and campaigns, dating all the way back to the early careers of comedians, Jamie Foxx, Mo’Nique and J. Anthony Brown; actor, Dorien Wilson,  musician, The Tonight Show’s Kevin Eubanks, athletes, Wayman Tisdale and Nick Van Excel, and civil rights legend, Dr. Joseph Lowery. Past classic and time honored events have included the Soul Train Awards, SCLC Convention, Black Radio Exclusive Conference, the Annual Pan African Film Festival and the Daughters of the Dust Film Project. Thirty consistent years of varied media campaigns roots the agency as experts in the field.

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It’s been said that “Image Is Everything.” Well, Image is our thing. We put your best face forward to the media and therefore the world at large. We take pride in the fact that when we represent you, we are representing ourselves.


Public Relations Professionals

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Makeda Smith

Hundreds of clients have benefited from the magic touch of Jazzmyne Public Relations in the past three decades.  A-list celebrities, athletes, authors, filmmakers, music producers, rappers, special events and businesses alike have received not only expert publicity service, management and consulting but a caring ear and kind heart from agency head, Makeda Smith.  Now celebrating over 30 years in business, Makeda is still proudly and diligently pushing forward.

Makeda’s personalized approach to the vast and hectic world of entertainment public relations has proven not only successful but also solid. A boutique operation, Jazzmyne has consistently boasted a client base that competes with the majors.  Past celebrity accounts have included Kevin Eubanks, Jamie Foxx, Nick Van Excel, Mo’Nique, Dorien Wilson, and J. Anthony Brown to name a few.

“I remember when I launched my agency.  The naysayers informed me that a home-based business would never be perceived as legitimate.  Well not only have I been home-based for the past 30 years, but now, home-based operations are the current trend.  They also told me I would not survive serving a Black clientele and urban base.  Today I’m perceived as an expert in the urban arena.”

It was 1988 when Gwendolyn “Makeda” Smith resigned her position as Associate Director of West Coast Publicity at Hervey & Company, a public relations firm headed by industry veteran, Ramon Hervey. With no savings or financial backing, it was a single press release that launched her firm, Jazzmyne Public Relations, named for her oldest daughter.

“My biggest surprise has been the emails and phone calls I’ve been blessed to receive throughout the years from the women I have inspired.  As a Black, single mother of two, I started out as a welfare mom.  My motivation and success has unwittingly inspired so many women, and that just truly overwhelms me sometimes.  You never know who is watching, whose heart you are touching.  Always carry yourself like God/Goddess is watching, and the rest will eventually fall into place,” she advises.

Specializing in publicity, branding, consulting and management, Jazzmyne Public Relations can be found on the web at



• Bachelors in Public Relations, Boston University, 1982
• Master in Communication Management, USC, 1985


Edrea Davis with JazzmynePR client, Vivica A. Fox

Edrea Davis with JazzmynePR client, Vivica A. Fox


Edrea Davis

In a career spanning over two decades Jazzmyne PR VP, Edrea Davis, has been busy. She has mastered the art of integrating all forms of media to communicate compelling, action-oriented messages to the public.

Whether she’s producing a hip-hop song promoting voting, producing commercial’s, PSA’s, or utilizing social networking sites to reach the masses, Davis stays at the cutting edge of emerging technology. Her new media savvy coupled with traditional PR training results in highly effective multimedia campaigns that shape public opinion and impact legislative policy.

Armed with a laptop in one hand and a digital recorder in the other, Davis transmitted audio reports from the United Nations Climate Conference in The Netherlands to radio stations across the United States. She coordinated a press conference for the US Delegation to the UN World Conference on Racism in South Africa, resulting in front page articles in newspapers in Africa, Europe, and even the Washington Post in DC. Her distinguished work also enabled her to travel to Switzerland, Copenhagen and South Africa to coordinate media for United Nations World Conferences.

In 2000, the pioneer in new media made history coordinating a technology crew for the first online elections ever. Her “Digital Hit Squad,” was featured in national media including USA Today.

Davis has worked on an array of publicity campaigns for a host of notable clients among them, civil rights leader, Dr. Joseph Lowery, The National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, comedian/singer/actor, Jamie Foxx, and super producer, Charles Farrar (Boyz II Men, CooleyHighHarmony and Tyrese, Sweet Lady). She also directed all communications efforts for the highly successful Unity ’04 and ’08 Voter Empowerment Campaigns which were comprised of 150 of the nation’s most prestigious civil and human rights organizations working together to mobilize black voters. The Unity ’08 campaign was instrumental in the historic Black turnout resulting in the election of President Barack Obama.

Associated Press, CNN, and People Magazine were convinced to run stories Davis pitched, and her clients have appeared on national radio and TV programs like Nightline, Washington Journal, and the News One Now with Roland Martin.

Previously, Davis served as executive producer at Bruce Dorn Films, a commercial production company based in Los Angeles. She was responsible for commercial budgets ranging from $300 thousand to $1.5 million for leading advertising agency clients like Leo Burnett and DMB&B. Productions included McDonald’s, “Break In a Hurry;” Paramount Pictures/Hallmark, “Star Trek;” and award winning RE/MAX “Castle,” shot on location in Fiji, Egypt, Italy, and Canada.

The New Jersey native is the author of underground hit novel “SnitchCraft,” was educated at Georgia State University, studied production accounting at UCLA, and currently lives in Atlanta, GA.